BELGİN ŞAHİN,The problems of women in general and the contemporary predicament of women in our times constitute one of Belgin Şahin’s main themes. The artist strives to catch in stances of this predicament over the entire human spectrum, extending from profound agony to naive sentimentality, from ruthless separations to child like joys. The transition from one instance to the next is not very difficult, and indeed, as we see, they may all well be intertwined. It is not such a long way, in fact, from the woman who has been exalted into the status of a goddess through over emphasis on her sex appeal, to the woman who has been beheaded and emptied of substance. This is particularly true for societies that stil feel the effects of sex discrimination. It is this tension which under lies the recurring images of innocence and sorrow.

A graduate of Robert College (1972) and the Bosphorus University‘s
Faculty of Business Administration, Marketing Department (1976),
Ms. Şahin became a ceramics artist in 1999 following a successful
career in realestate, creating her works at the Robert College Bizim
Tepe Alumni Club in 1999-2000. Between 1999 – 2008,
she continued her work in ceramics while at the Pınar Yeşilada
ceramics atelier, and studied sculpting at the Güler Güngör
atelier between 2006-2008. Between 2008-2010, she expanded
her base in sculpting and ceramics in California, USA, developing
her skills in the following are as of study: California Santa Barbara
City College Continuing ed. classes Clay modeling: Exploration
of water based clay and it sapplication to sculpture’ Wood carving
Decorative techniques for pottery

The artist, who Works from her atelier in the winter sand on the island of Bozcaada during the summers, focuses primarily on the themes of women, innocence and the Anatolian heritage.